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Making Music


Chris Shelton started his voyage into music production the moment he first entered a professional recording studio at age 17 when he and his bandmates produced their first album. Chris then moved to Boston and started his studies at Berklee College of Music, where he had the opportunity to learn the secrets of the industry from exceptional educators. After graduating, Chris was hired by Berklee to teach Music Production and Notation Software. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to produce several albums, working alongside industry household names like Matthew Ellerd, furthering his skill set.

Chris continued on his path to mastery by composing and producing numerous pieces for Concert Band and chamber Ensembles, as well as writing for companies, which has led him to pursue his Ph.D. in Composition with a cognate in Music Business and Entrepreneurship at the prestigious University of Florida, where he has amassed a significant amount of awards as part of a team of exceptional musicians, formed by

Dr. José Valentino Ruiz, Dr. Thaddeus Bourne, Dr. Silviu Ciulei, and Derris Lee. 

The Grammys

Chris lent his highly trained ears and understanding of the production process, as well as his creative approach as a Recording Engineer of 2022 Latin Grammy Award winning Album 'A la Fiesta de la Musica Vamos Todos' by Sophia.

(cover artwork credit: Bogar León/ Michael Bucio) 


As an experienced producer, Chris has been involved in several projects where his expertise has proven invaluable, contributing to the creation of musical experiences, such as the album 'Rompiendo Fronteras - Breaking Boundaries' by Jose Valentino, Shawn Perkinson, and Alex Acuña. This album won a DAVEY Award in 2022 in the category of Virtual and Remote Experiences: Music (Associate Producer)

(cover artwork credit: Jose Valentino Ruiz)

Mixing & Mastering

Chris has repeatedly proven he possesses a rare combination of technical expertise, artistic sensibility, and a deep understanding of the music production process. He has mixed and/or mastered a myriad of projects, such as the album 'Solace' by Lauren Hodge.

(cover artwork credit: Mike Klodzinski - Mark Custom Recording Service, Inc.) 

Discover the work of Chris Shelton as a producer:

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